Ice cream

Pleased to discover that if I only have 45 minutes to spare, that’s enough time to get to my gym, get a 20-minute swim in, and get home again (before the kids get off the bus). I was a little anxious that I wouldn’t make it, because I always feel like getting ready to swim and getting dressed again takes forever, but it was actually fine; I made it with five minutes to spare.

Also glad I didn’t miss them at the bus. It would’ve been all right if I had — Kavi’s now old enough (at almost 9) to walk them down three doors to our house and let them into the house, and she knows to do that in case of emergency. But I think it’s still better to meet them, because sometimes elementary school is hard, and it’s nice to see a smiling parental face when you get off the bus. In another year or two, we probably won’t worry about it, but they’re in a transition period now. Growing up, but not all grown yet.

Kavi had a nosebleed today, as it turns out, and she wasn’t too upset by that, because she does get them occasionally and knows it’s not a big deal, but still, a little stressful, and Anand got into trouble for pushing at recess and was a little upset about that, and they were both too hot and sweaty, so when they unloaded their troubles to mommy, she was able to suggest consolatory ice cream on the porch, a suggestion that was met with universal acclaim.

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