So today I started the new plan of carving out an hour every weekday morning for writing and checking into a Facebook accountability group. Sort of. Last night, I had a story idea and ended up staying late to plot it and write it down, and then had nightmares and coughing, so slept badly.
Still got up and started on time (definitely motivated in part by my pledge to the group; otherwise, I might well have stayed in bed reading instead), but ended up writing a garden journal entry, rather than fiction or a more substantial essay, so am a little frustrated with self. But guess I need to ease into this.
Also, Anand was awake half an hour into this and wanted me to hang with him, so I wrote next to him for the second half, which was fine for garden journal, but maybe not for fiction. May need to shift half an hour earlier to avoid interruptions — but we’ll see. Right now, I’m aiming for writing 6-7; I may need to move it to 5:30 – 6:30 (which means getting up at least a little beforehand, so I can have my tea and e-mail / Facebook check first.
I’m generally not going to advertise the group, because I don’t want it to get huge. But if you’re seeing this and want to join for a daily check-in on your writing, you’re welcome. It’s here:
(The name ‘anchorites’ is not meant to be religious, but to refer to the practice of becoming a recluse, walling oneself away from the world.)
I actually have the rest of the day mostly unscheduled, so I’m hoping to get more writing done, but I also have to deal with a mass of e-mail I’ve been avoiding (that’s next), and Kavi’s home sick right now (though I’m hoping she’ll be feeling better later, as I think this is just a cold, and I may run her into school, if so), and may need nursing. We’ll see. But my plan is e-mail, then Tremontaine revisions to chapter 3.

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