I’ve been wanting to write more regularly, and ritualize it, and I think the only way I can write at the same time every day is if I do it in the morning, from 6-7. An hour isn’t much, but a guaranteed hour every weekday would be a lot; some days, I could go on to do much more later in the day. To do that, I’d need to get up at 5:30, so I could check e-mail and make tea before starting. Which means going to sleep by 9:30, which cuts a little into time with Kevin. But I think for now, I need it.

Anyone want to commit to something like this with me? I’m thinking a little Facebook group, where we check in daily. (Group name suggestions welcome too, as I am blanking right now.)

My main hesitation is I’ve been sick so much, and I really can’t write when I’m that sick. But I’m hoping that level of sickness may be over for the season, fingers crossed.

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