Moderation in all things

Still sick, but right now it’s just cough and sniffles, not the low-grade fever of yesterday. If I’m not notably better tomorrow, I’m going to drag myself to the doctor and get checked out. Two weeks is a long time for a cold.

I feel mostly okay, like I can work — of course, I felt that way yesterday morning, did a lot of cleaning, clearly overdid it, and made myself sicker. Sigh. But I do need to go out today — I’m committed to going to a book club in the city, where they’re discussing _Bodies in Motion_. It’s a Mills alumnae group, which should be fun, since I started writing this book when I was a MFA student at Mills.

If I’m still feeling okay after that, I’d like to do a quick swing-by Gethsemane Gardens in the city; I love that garden store, and now that I don’t live in the city, it’s harder to find time to make it all the way up there; it helps if I’m already partway there for something else. I’d like more of the chocolate ajuga ground cover I found there a few years ago, and undoubtedly other plants because spring. And they’re right next to Ethiopian Diamond, so I could pick up ground cover AND one of my favorite dinners…

Well, we’ll see. Don’t overdo; that’s my motto for today.

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