Mid-Life Not Exactly a Crisis

Sometimes I look at what Kshama Sawant has done with the minimum wage movement, and I really think that I ought to be doing something similar, running for local office, trying to push for change. But I’m honestly not sure what changes I would want badly enough to fight for with that passion / time / energy commitment.

Am ranting in another thread about the homework requirements for elementary school students — I care about that one, and I think it’s really hard to change that kind of thing because as people’s kids age out, the parents stop focusing on it, so bad patterns remain for a long time. But that’s just a single issue; doesn’t seem enough to build a political career on, even if that’s what I wanted to do.

I’d love to decouple public schools from property taxes, but I’d have no idea where to even start with that one. And, of course, I have books to write, classes to teach, children to raise….I dunno. But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the wrong thing, in the wrong place.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Life Not Exactly a Crisis”

  1. Absolutely you should do it. You’d be a natural. Start the way you’ve started anything else–start talking about it with your friends, get a group together, sit down and talk to your state representative’s office, write op-eds, eventually put together petitions, meetings, etc. You don’t have to see the whole path ahead right now, you just have to see the next step, and that’s generating interest among a group of people. Property taxes is a state and local issue, so you want to talk to state legislators, not national legislators.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Aw, thanks for the encouragement. I’m definitely keeping it in mind, but I promised myself that I’d give myself at least 2-3 years to really try to focus on the writing-commercial-SF thing. After that, though…we’ll see.

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