Cancer log 166: Valet

Written @ 9: I don’t mean this to be a chronicle of unmitigated woe, but this morning I woke to a slightly improved cough, but also chills and shaking. Stupid cold/flu thing. Then I forgot my iPad, with the games I usually use to make the time pass faster in chemo. I almost turned back, but just wanted to get this over with. Used valet parking at the hospital for the first time since starting treatment, because I just couldn’t face walking over from the parking lot. Freezing, but at least I thought to grab a to-go cup of Campbell’s chicken-and-stars, which does help. And I have a smartphone, to help the time pass. Soon I’ll be in the chair and they’ll cover me in warm blankets. Small blessings.

11:00 update: I got one of the fancy heated massage chairs, which I’ve never needed before, but really appreciated today. I actually managed to fall asleep for half an hour. They almost sent me home, because it turned out that I had a fever of 102, but after taking my history, they called the doc, and he said it was okay for me to get the infusion if I wanted. So I did.

Home now, tucked into bed, glad that Kevin is starting to recuperate from this same thing (although he’s also still sick, and Kavi woke up not feeling well, v. sorry, Cristin if we brought anything into your house; they were totally *fine* yesterday), and has gone down to get me toast and tea.

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