Cancer log 165: Countdown.

I really really don’t want to go in for my Herceptin infusion tomorrow. It only takes about two hours (assuming they’re not running late), it’s a single needle prick, and I have no side effects, thankfully. But still. I am feeling horribly put upon.
I have a miserable hacking cough. I can’t go fifteen minutes without sounding like I’m about to lose a lung. I’m sure they’re going to *love* having me in the chemo ward tomorrow. (I think I’m actually well past the contagious period, or I’d seriously consider trying to reschedule (which is difficult, for medical reasons), and as it is, I’m going to ask them for a mask when I arrive.)
I think, if I’ve done the math right, I have ten of these left — once every three weeks until October. I think it’s time to start counting down. Ten.

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