Kavya: Can you still get…

Kavya: Can you still get a job even if you didn't go to college?
Me: Yes. Some jobs. You can't be a doctor.
Kavya: Can you still be an author?
Me: Yes.
Kavya: Yay!

She *knows* both her parents teach college, and yet gives no thought to our tender feelings...

On a related note, I have just told Kavya (who is recovering from a cold) that her parents really don't think she should be doing much (if any) homework at this age, and we've tried arguing with her teachers about it, and they haven't agreed with us, so mostly, she should do her homework. But if she's sick or tired enough that the thought of doing homework makes her want to cry (like today), she should tell us, and we will write her teachers a note and tell them she was too sick to do homework. Kevin, I hope you're in agreement with me on this; I think you are. She is such a good kid, and tries so hard, and it is just ridiculous to have her doing this much work. I told her a time would come when she'd have to do homework even when she was tired, but that time wouldn't be in elementary school.

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