At eleven o’clock last…

At eleven o'clock last night, I realized Tuesday was pajama day at school, and muttered imprecations under my breath, because Anand had been out of clean pants, so I'd done a load of laundry, but hadn't thought to look for pajamas. Did he have clean pajamas or didn't he? Did Kavya? I was too sleepy to go find out; I was *pretty* sure they had some, so I crossed my fingers and hoped. I had some vague plan that if not, maybe I could do a super-fast load of laundry in the morning. This was a stupid plan, but in my defense, I was a little high on cold medicine.

This morning, I wake to find that not only has Kavya dressed herself in clean adorable pajamas, but she has found Anand's clean adorable pajamas and laid them out for him, so he is all dressed and ready before I even climb out of bed.

Sometimes parenting gets easier in leaps and bounds.

(Although I do get a little credit for having caught up on most of the laundry last week.)

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  1. There’s nothing quite like those moments when your young children do something thoughtful for you, and they are just as pleased with themselves as you are with them. Pretty much an un-mixed blessing.

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