This is one of my…

This is one of my favorite things to do while traveling -- come down around brunch time and eat a large amount of food at the brunch buffet, and then sit there for a couple more hours with tea and a nice view, getting through some of my backlogged work.

So far this morning (after actually eating and chatting about academic life and writing with Jaymee Goh), I've booked my daughter's birthday party (booking it two months early, she wanted it at Pump It Up, and last year, I completely failed to book it early enough, so was determined not to disappoint her this time) and sent out the Evite, confirmed some house guest details (Catalyst YaliniDream is coming to stay with us for a night, yay!), started on arranging childcare for the kids' spring break, which, annoyingly, doesn't coincide with our spring break, signed my Lightspeed contract and sent it back with author photo and bio, sent a note to Jack Kotz asking if he's available to design a header for my revamped website, and responded to a dozen student e-mails.

You'll note that there's no actual writing in there -- just the business of being a teacher / writer / mom. But I'm moving into writing next -- re-reading the proposals for two Wild Cards volumes (oh, and I talked to Max Gladstone this morning about writing for Wild Cards, and how you pitch to George R.R. Martin for those books, so I guess that's directly writing-related) and deciding which ones I want to pitch for. Then there will be much plotting, and drafting of pitches, which I'm hoping to send out today. If I get those done, then I think tomorrow I'm going to focus on Tremontaine; I'd like to get a chunk of my first chapter written before I leave Florida.

Of course, there are also panels to be on, and panels and readings to attend, and swimming too, so we'll see. All my ambitious plans may come to naught, but if one doesn't even make the ambitious plans, well, then.

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood." -- Daniel H. Turnham, Director of Works, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893.

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