Plan for today: …

Plan for today: teaching Uncle Tom's Cabin, teaching two short stories in fiction class (observed), meet the kids for early day and check in with them on whether they want to donate any more stuffed animals for tonight's Girl Scouts drive (Kavya is generous; Anand is generally unwilling to part with ANYTHING that is his, but I'm going to make a pitch -- we'll see what happens). Then take Kavi to Irish dance rehearsal (performances this week), get her some dinner, then Girl Scouts meeting this evening.

We signed the kids up for a lot of activities this spring, for various reasons, and it's good, but also quite hectic. Glad next week is UIC's spring break; it'll give me a chance to catch up on the house, which is getting quite chaotic -- you have to pick your way through the basement, as I discovered while meeting with the sprinkler guy yesterday. Also, starting this Thursday when I head to ICFA, hoping to get a LOT of writing done by the end of next week -- I have three short stories to revise and send out, and the next big chunk of the novel to draft. The Lightspeed story sale is a nice motivation. :-)

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