I have come home and…

I have come home and gotten the kids off to school and gone back to bed for two hours (because daylight savings, ugh) and taught my classes and encouraged my students to vote tomorrow. I have come home and had lunch with Kat and Roshani and met with the inestimable arborist Dan from the Care of Trees, who spent an hour talking me through how I can prune my fruit trees to keep them small and manageable (I have a cherry, an apple, and a peach, and he thinks I have room for two more, so I'm thinking quince and something else...). I have picked up the children from their after-school activities (Kavya made exploding art, and Anand decided he is a better soccer goalie than shooter) and snuggled them and fed them dinner and eaten my own dinner. I have gone out into the yard and raked up some soggy leaves; there are lots more to rake tomorrow. And I have read many many many political comments, and am a little clearer about the factors that go into who I vote for tomorrow. Next, the children need a bath, because they are filthy, and then, I plan to climb into bed with Kevin and watch tv until I fall asleep.

It's good to be home.

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