Sleepy baby. I would…

Sleepy baby. I would like it to be spring, because the prospect of thirty degrees and needing to wear my long sleeping bag coat is making me want to just crawl back under the covers.

Must get pumped for teaching. Okay, story to read and crit for advanced fiction; that will be fun. And more Melville today -- we touched lightly on Moby Dick Monday, so continue a bit of that, accompanied by "Bartleby, the Scrivener." Bartleby is always fun. But perhaps a bit too apropos for a day when I am feeling like playing hooky instead of stepping back onto the work treadmill. Thankfully, my job is far, far more enjoyable that his.

If you haven't read this story, I commend it unto you. Especially all the scriveners among you. :-) It's hilarious, in a morbidly depressing sort of way.

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