I have nothing scheduled…

I have nothing scheduled today. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off, wanting to run around in circles. Must impose order and structure on the day, or will fritter it away to nothing.

Okay, plan: Watch another episode of City of Vice while cleaning kitchen and straightening up first floor. Maybe another one while watering the plants and adding clay pebbles to the grow light trays in the basement. Figure out seed schedule and start seeds.

By 10, switch to e-mail, and use The Email Game + Coffitivity to power through my current e-mail avoidance problem.

Noon, break. Hello, Facebook!

1-4: writing of some kind. Revise two short stories in queue, probably, maybe plot out next big chunk of novel? Or draft new story? New essay? There are several markets I want to submit to right now. It'd be nice if I had things to submit to them. Hm...

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