Home again, home again,…

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Despite a miserable cold, I made it through the intense #Tremontaine season 2 workshop weekend. By today, my voice was really going, making it much harder to shout over everyone else, but luckily, I'd managed to argue for everything I really wanted earlier in the weekend, whew. :-) Am going to fall over shortly, and hopefully my voice will return overnight. It was intense, but also quite fun. Lovely working with such a great group; I think we had excellent chemistry, and are going to make a very smooth team. Fingers crossed! Collaboration is always a little bit tricky.

Tomorrow morning, get up, get dressed, sign the kids up for Edge classes at 9 a.m. on the dot -- wish us luck that they get into the Minecraft class they'd really like to do. Some things are clearly under-resourced around here; I'm glad we don't need summer after-camp care, because it seems like a lot of parents are having a terrible time finding enough through the Park District this year. Someone should get on that.

Then go teach, come home, fall over for a while, go to the dentist, yay. Tuesday, I catch up on ALL THE E-MAIL. Wed, teach. And then Thursday, I think I'll be recovered enough to dive back into the SF novel, hopefully? That's the plan. I'm itching to work on Tremontaine right now (I have a chapter to outline!), because it's all full up in my head, but I have to wait for our fabulous producer, Racheline, to send us the meeting notes, which is going to take a few days to write up, so if they're not here by Thursday, then SF novel. Either way, all plotting, all the time. That's the plan.

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