O internets, I am…

O internets, I am feeling sorry for myself. I have eaten and slept really poorly this weekend, and exercised not at all, and as a result, my body is furious at me and has been feeling ill all day. Almost all I have done is lie in bed in and go on a romance novel binge, reading three so far today, and probably one more before bed. (All by Courtney Milan, her Brothers Sinister series, for which I blame Cecilia Tan, who was enthusing about them. I have enjoyed them, but I warn you, the first one is free (on Kindle).)

Thursday and Friday I had a massive crisis of writing / academic confidence, which is not to be particularly worried about as a) that usually comes right after I get a bunch of work done, as I did earlier this week, b) it also comes right after I submit something, and c) it is the nature of the beast. I signed up for this gig. I'm mostly feeling less panicky about it all now. Mostly.

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