Feeling marginally…

Feeling marginally better; feeling thankful for Campbell's chicken-and-stars soup. Still frustrated at going an entire day without accomplishing anything. Well, I did go out into the yard and cut down the sad-looking peony stalks, because after reading an entire garden magazine, it was too frustrating not being able to do any gardening. But it was too cold to stay out and do anymore. And I cleaned up some house plants, which took ten minutes, but is satisfying nonetheless.

Oh, and I posted a garden journal entry this morning, and then downloaded a 6x9 template from CreateSpace and started putting the Serendib Garden book together, copying the entries and photos over. I do like making books. I like it muchly. Kavya is downstairs writing another book now, *while* watching tv, which shows that she is clearly a much more advanced writer than I am, as that would be far beyond me.

Will anyone actually want to buy this? A journal of a year's gardening in Oak Park? I don't know. I like reading that kind of thing. Sometime in the next week or two, a new entry. Adventures in Seed Starting: Maybe This Time, They Won't All Die. Something like that, anyway.

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