I didn’t quite finish…

I didn't quite finish everything I had hoped yesterday, so there's still a bit of *stuff* to take care of today. But I did start the day with writing, and there's now 1100 new words in the novel, and I am SO EXCITED that the new direction I've taken seems to be working. I was feeling really trapped in one POV, and I've now gone back and revised the first few chapters to include other POVs, and even though Maya is still clearly the main character, those other voices are lending so much energy to the book, it's really satisfying and why didn't I do this six months ago I don't know! I have some things to do now, but I'm aching to get back to the writing, and I think I can this afternoon for at least a few more hours.

I am hoping my agent will forgive me for making the book longer, but I think it's okay because even if it is longer, if the energy is good, it won't *feel* longer. :-) And I just think having lots of characters and viewpoints is more natural to my writing; I'm much happier crossing complicated motivations like this.

Is it going to end up Indian Game of Thrones in space? Maybe. :-)

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