I think eight-year-old…

I think eight-year-old Kavi can *almost* get herself and Anand up and dressed and fed and backpacks packed and out the door to the bus by herself. She can do all the steps; she just needs reminders to keep an eye on time. And this assumes, of course, that nothing goes wrong -- that there isn't a giant milk spill, and Anand doesn't decide he's really against wearing pants that day. But still -- most days now, by the time I come downstairs, they're both dressed and watching a show while they eat breakfast. It's a Christmas miracle.

Plan for today: make milk toffee, go to radiation, go to exercise class, come back and make ginger shortbread. At noon, I leave for a mini writing retreat -- have rented an actual tiny apartment for two days, and plan to put my head down and make serious book progress. Thanks to Kevin for taking on kid duty so I can focus!

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