Ensconced at an AirBnB…

Ensconced at an AirBnB apartment, ready to do some work. I could have come over earlier, but I'd been fretting about some holiday baking, and I just felt like I'd be much calmer if I actually got it done before going, rather than having it wait 'til Sunday.

So, milk toffee done (two batches, because I burned the first batch, sigh), ginger shortbread done, to go with the previously made lemon shortbread. Finished the marshmallows too, and those were the sweets I really wanted to have done by now, so it's all good. Next week, possibly Xmas tree meringues, possibly snow-dusted woodland animal sugar cookies, but if neither gets made at all, I'm okay with that -- there's enough. Whew.

Now I'm in this lovely little apartment, and I have to say, although it costs a bit more than renting a room in someone's house, for my purposes, where I'm planning to be here basically the whole time, this is better, even though it costs a little more. I can bring groceries and cook if I want to, I can wander around the whole space without feeling like I'm intruding on anyone. If I were touristing, and planning to be out all day, renting just a room would be fine, I think. But for a writing retreat, this is better.

Going to just chill out for a little bit, and then, to work. It turns out there aren't any later exercise classes today -- the one I'd planned to take was cancelled, oh well. Will just go for a long walk instead, I think. Good for thinking about plot.

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