Cancer log 141: I only…

Cancer log 141: I only have two classes left for the semester, but I've just decided to let my co-teachers take the last one, which feels like a cop-out because I *could* teach it, but people, I am tired. I don't know if this is radiation-fatigue or cancer-is-a-long-haul-emotional-fatigue or just general mommy-during-Christmas-prep-fatigue, but I have an out, and I am going to take it.

Going to close out my material on Tuesday, I think, and then let my co-teachers focus on helping the students with their final papers on Thursday, which I'm sure the students will appreciate. Was planning to spend that last class mostly workshopping papers anyway.

It'll be fine. The students will be fine. They really don't need a final 75 minute lecture on the ending of _The Bone People_ from me in order for their lives to be complete. I don't need to feel guilty. Maybe if I repeat it enough times I'll believe it.

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