Getting ready for winter…

Getting ready for winter here. Have ordered my first slow cooker. It's a trio, which is perhaps excessive, but am planning to also use it as a server, since we host potlucks and such often. Have pulled the curtains for the first time in months, to keep the chill out (only in the rooms without plants, as it's not dark yet, and I figured they can use every bit of light they can get right now). A little later, will go upstairs and put flannel sheets on the bed, and the mattress warmer, and the heavy duvet.

It must be strange to live in a warm-year-round climate, where one doesn't need to think of such things. I'm not sure I'd like it. I lived in Oakland for three years, but it did get chilly in their winter, mostly 'cause the houses weren't has solidly insulated / heated. We built fires in the fireplace; one thing my house is sorely lacking is a wood-burning fireplace.

Have bought some a thermal undershirt, as I was insufficiently equipped last winter, and just popped my warming gloves in the microwave and then put them on, because I noticed my hands were cold. Now they are comfortable and smell pleasantly of lavender. A cup of tea, and then some holiday baking, I think. Milk toffee or coconut toffee. Maybe both. smile emoticon I almost bought eggnog at the store, but resisted, because it is not even Thanksgiving yet. Soon. Soon there will be eggnog, possibly with brandy in.

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