Huh. This has never…

Huh. This has never happened before. I had a story idea this morning on my drive into the hospital, and I started working out the details, but I can't think about it without starting to cry. Just started thinking about it again, and yup, insta-tears.

I think this is a combination of being very tired and frayed (it's been a long week, with some stressful interpersonal stuff going on), and the material of the story, which is drawing on real incidents from the current refugee crisis. I actually had two separate ideas for separate stories this morning, just from following the news. I'm writing a war novel, so it makes sense, but I wish the book weren't quite so topical.

Going to sleep soon, hopefully lots of it. Tomorrow I'm supposed to write; we'll see how much fortitude I have. May need to go back to the kids' book for a while instead, until I regain some fortitude and composure.

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