I’ll be taking the train…

I'll be taking the train down today to Champaign-Urbana, where the Asian American Cultural Center has invited me for a few events. Hope some of you can make it! The Monday evening event is free and open to the public; I'll read a bit from Bodies in Motion, and then talk and answer questions. I believe the Tuesday lunch event is meant for UIUC students (and may require RSVP).


"AACC Book Club

1. Author Meet & Greet
Date & Time: Monday, November 16th 5:00pm  6:00pm
Location: The Asian American Cultural Center - 2nd Floor Activities Room 1210 W. Nevada Street

Our first event will give the audience an opportunity to interact face to face with author Mary Anne Mohanraj. Feel free to get up close and personal and talk about the different stories in the book as well as her writing style. Find out more about Dr. Mohanraj.

2. Author Visit- Exploring Bodies in Motion
Part of our Food For Thought Lunch Series
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 17th at 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: The Asian American Cultural Center 1210 W. Nevada Street

You won't want to miss hearing from the author herself! Dr. Mohanraj will join for a public reading of the book at 12:00pm for our weekly Food For Thought program! Bodies in Motion follow two generations of two families living on the cusp of disparate worlds, America and Sri Lanka -- their lives and ties shaped, strengthened, devastated, and altered by the emigrant-immigrant ebb and flow. Through stunning, effervescent prose, intimate moments are beautifully distilled, revealing the tug-of-war between generations and gender in stories sensual and honest, chronicling love, ambition, and the spiritual and sexual quests of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons."

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