Things that stop me from…

Things that stop me from writing:

a) the carefully-designed addictiveness of Facebook
b) housework
c) child interruptions
d) fear (that the work will not be as good as it ought to be)

A, b, and c can all be addressed reasonably easily with tech solutions, scheduling, a partner who carries his share of house/child labor, and occasional application of money to babysitters.

But d is the root cause of all my writing delays, I think. Fear leads to avoidant behavior. Willpower can carry the battle on occasion, but willpower is hard. I think habit is actually the best tool in my arsenal. It's 10 a.m. on a Mon / Wed / Fri -- time to get a cup of tea, go to the laptop, turn off Facebook, turn on music, and open the file. This is the sequence, and the sequence shall not be deviated from.

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