I’m on a roll with the…

I'm on a roll with the new writing plan, but I think I also will exhaust myself if I try to write every day. So for now, writing is MWF. Today, I grade some more mid-terms, then radiation, then head in to teach. Stop at the drugstore to pick up radiation meds (by which I mean lotion and neutral soap, to help with upcoming skin irritation), then home for lunch, tv, and a big stack of laundry, possibly also some basement shelf assembling and sorting. Kevin is 'off-duty' with family stuff today, so once the kids come home, I'll be busy with them -- running Kavi to sewing class, getting stuff for dinner, etc. When they don't need me, I'm hoping to read _Ancillary Mercy_.

Should be a full, but nice, day. And then tomorrow, we write!

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