Final retreat update:…

Final retreat update: Woke up and came home by 8 a.m., even though I could've stayed there all morning; I think it's too hard for me to settle in and try to write when I have this looming deadline to go home -- I'd rather just go home. Late checkout -- no use to me.

Results of weekend:

  • one pretty good poem, I think
  • revised chapter 1 of SF novel (big accomplishment, as I'd been in avoidance mode; now, I can hopefully build some momentum)
  • drafted short essay (it's publishable now, I think, but am going to ponder it, send it out to people, see if it should be developed into something longer, or if it's good as is)
  • wrote first chapter of early middle grade book: Anjali's Naughty Day

For me, that's very productive. The poem was Friday evening; the rest was Saturday. If I had a place where I could work late, I could even sleep at home, I think. But I either need to keep doing this kind of thing (going away) or develop more willpower, because when I'm at home, I just don't seem to focus this way. I think a lot of what makes it work is the guilt -- if I've asked Kevin to be in exclusive charge of house and kids so I can write, then I need to write, not just faff around. Hm.

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  1. Can you write at your office on campus, or dies being there just put you into a different kind of work mental state?

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