Retreat weekend update:…

Retreat weekend update: I forgot to ask my host if there was alternative place for parking, and due to street restrictions, I need to move my car before 8 a.m. So no lounging in bed writing, but it's okay -- I think I may do better in a different space. The library isn't open 'til 9, so I'm heading to Starbucks first for a nice big chai latte. Not sure which project I'll work on first -- probably knocking off the short story revisions, since that'll be quick. There's also an essay I wanted to at least start drafting. I also want to start collecting all the cancer logs and putting them into a Word document, which is nice, mindless work, and should be relatively quick. I'm not sure what they should look like as a book -- do I just collect the logs and poems and photos, as is? They'll probably eventually need an intro, at least, and an ending. I'm thinking the book should span the main year of treatment, ending sometime after the end of radiation, even though the Herceptin will continue weekly until October 2016, and there's also the possibility I'll opt for surgical reconstruction at some point. Will it need additional commentary in between the entries? I'm not sure, but the first step is just putting it all into a Word file, so I can see it in one place.

By lunchtime, I want to be working on the novel, though. We'll see how it goes. Turning off Facebook now, until noon-ish.

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