[meant to post this last…

[meant to post this last night]

I was getting ready to walk out the door for my mini-writing retreat, and Kevin started trying to talk to me about the basement fridge thing and various options, and I tried to talk to him, but after a little back and forth I just lost it and started crying. Poor Kev. It was really out of the blue. But I've had a cold for a week, and I had four hours of medical treatments today, and I am so sick of being sick, and I think I have used up too much of my brain for too long with necessary teaching stuff and household stuff and kid stuff and medical stuff and there has not been enough leftover for just thinking. (Virginia Woolf would understand.)

I miss thinking. And then writing some of the thoughts down. I've mostly only been doing that around cancer this past year, and while I'm actually happy with a lot of the cancer writing and might even try to turn it into a book at some point, I am also starting to get really tired of thinking about cancer. I would like to think about space battles instead, please.

I've now checked into the weekend's Airbnb. It's half the price of the last place, at $50 / night, and is a nicely finished little basement room, with a pullout couch and a desk and chair. The host said to feel free to eat anything in the fridge, which is kind of her, though I did bring my own food. Will the weekend be productive? Only time will tell. My plan for tonight is to take a little time to just chill, and then hopefully do quick edits on the two stories I just had workshopped. But if that doesn't happen 'til tomorrow, it's okay. It's been a long day, and I'm giving myself permission to just read until I fall asleep.

Tomorrow, I have absolutely nothing to do but write. I can't actually write for 16 hours straight without breaking my hands, I'm pretty sure. And when I can't write, I'll read, walk, or crochet. If the space starts feeling claustrophobic, or if I just get restless, I'm planning to head over to the Oak Park library, which is beautiful, and which I somehow never go to. There's a gorgeous space on the third floor, full of light and space, and when we were first thinking of Oak Park, I had grand plans of writing there all the time, but somehow I never do. I can easily walk there from here, so maybe tomorrow. Eventually, I'll come back here to sleep, and then sometime Sunday morning I'll go home. If I'm being productive, I'll stay here and work in the morning -- if not, then I'll go home early and let Kevin sleep in. We'll see how it goes.

Turning off Facebook now -- will report back on Sunday, let you know how it went. I do have my phone with me, but unless it's an emergency, don't call. I'll be checking e-mail periodically.

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