Kavi asked me about God…

Kavi asked me about God the other day on the way home from the bus (these conversations ambush you when you are totally not prepared for them) -- apparently, a friend of hers is Christian. She wanted to know what we believed in. I told her she'd have to decide for herself, but that her parents weren't really religious.

Kavi seemed dissatisfied, and after a minute, asked if there was a name for that. I said that if you were sure there was no god, then you were an atheist, but if you thought there could be, you were an agnostic. (I didn't think it was the time to get into strong and weak agnosticism and strong and weak atheism.) Kavi then declared, very happily, that she was an agnostic.

I think she mostly just wanted a label she could tell her friend.

And so it goes...

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