One class of grading…

One class of grading down, one to go. Taking a break to watch Quantico and make cookie dough.

I wasn't sure if I was really up to making iced sugar cookies again, health-wise, but I think so. It's definitely a noticeable amount of effort, but also fun. I figure I'll do it in stages, and if I need to stop at some point and just freeze what I have, that's okay. But the plan is to make the dough now, and if I finish my grading by 5, I get to roll it out, cut the Halloween shapes, and bake them with the kids this evening.

And then icing probably tomorrow afternoon, after teaching and before they get home from school. I can't ice while the kids are around -- it's too fiddly and takes too much concentration. But I'll leave a few cookies and some icing for them to decorate themselves.

And then I'll have lots of cookies -- some to take to class on Thursday, some for our Halloween party on Saturday. That'd be nice. We'll see if it happens!

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