Cancer log 135: This…

Cancer log 135: This poor bougainvillea. It was in a plastic pot on my deck, and at some point in June, the wind or a child knocked it over, and the pot cracked, and half the dirt fell out, and I just didn't have the energy to deal with it. So it sat there, its dry roots exposed, and amazingly managed not to die through July, August, September, on whatever rain it happened to catch.

Until finally, in October, I brought all the tropicals in for fear of frost, and finally repotted the sad creature in a nice ceramic pot. Now it's sitting in a sunny windowsill, and it's been watered a few times, and I *think* I see the barest hint of new growth. And I can't help thinking of it as my chemo plant.

Exhausted this summer, bruised and battered, just hanging on and doing the bare minimum needed to survive. But with a little bit of extra care this fall, maybe it'll come back to full life in a few months. Also, maybe I'll have a full head of hair by Christmas.

You and me, plant. We'll get there.

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