I have safely arrived at…

I have safely arrived at my host's charming house (all of three minutes' drive away), and am now ensconced in what seems like a very comfortable room for my makeshift writing retreat. She says it's fine to put up photos of the house, so I'll show you some more tomorrow. I've forgotten headphones, but I can listen to music quietly with the door closed if I feel the need -- and as it turns out, she's going to be away overnight, so I get the whole house to myself and can blast my music should I choose. Unlikely, but nice to have the option. :-)

I've also forgotten my umbrella (despite wearing a raincoat), but it stopped raining, so that's all right then -- it's actually quite lovely out on her porch, so I'm heading out there in just a moment. Turning off Facebook now, until 10 tomorrow morning.

Up ahead: reading, writing, resting. (I did bring one knit and one crochet work-in-progress and one embroidery project, which is a little ridiculous, but at least it means I can be productive in some way if the writing doesn't happen.)

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