Cancer log 129: It’s…

Cancer log 129: It's been a long week, and while yesterday's doctor appointments were mostly nothing I didn't know, they were still stressful, making decisions, bracing for a little more rough stuff to come. One aspect that became clear, thinking about the whole early menopause thing -- Kev and I are both glad we had children before cancer arrived, and also glad we had already decided we were done having more children. It's a tremendous relief, that Kevin and I are on the same page.

This must all be so much harder for women (and their partners) who want biological children, but whose fertility may be compromised by cancer treatment. I felt incredibly panicky at thirty-five, diagnosed with what turned out to be benign, but possibly fertility-compromising, uterine fibroids. I cried and cried, for about two months straight. But now I'm nine years older, with two pretty awesome kids. I know some women get very stressed / upset about menopause, but while I'm hoping for a minimum of side effects, I think I'm going to be emotionally fine with the actual 'being done with having babies' part.

Kevin's parents are visiting for a few days; they arrived late last night, and will be staying through Tuesday. My plan for the day is to....relax. Maybe put up a few more Halloween decorations. Take it easy. Today, hang out with the family at home; tomorrow, we might take everyone apple picking. If the grandparents are up for babysitting tonight, I may drag Kevin to a friend's Oktoberfest party. Feeling grateful for home, for kids, for family. And I'm having fun, making the house a little spooky. :-)

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