Half a class of papers…

Half a class of papers left to grade, along with some quizzes, etc., so, of course, I am DEEP in procrastination-land. And I have so many tempting options -- Ancillary Mercy just arrived at my doorstep, the latest Valdemar book dropped yesterday too, Hulu has no fewer than seven shows waiting for me, and somehow I started playing Plants vs. Zombies again last night. I almost never play video games these days, because they just EAT time -- you blink, and four hours have passed. But the grading must, must, must get done -- I promised my students they'd have the papers back tomorrow. And never mind the story I'm supposed to finish, and the novel I need to start rewriting. Damn me.

Breakfast and one (!) sit-com, and then I think I'd best take my papers away from all electronics for a bit. Esp. since I promised Roshani I'd join her to try a zumba class @ 10 (I will participate in a very low-key way, minimizing jumping and arm movements, because I am mostly healed but not entirely), and I promised to bring my laptop and projector cable to the OP garden club meeting @ 12:30 today for the speaker to use.

I really only have about three hours of grading left (and maybe two hours of writing on the story), so it's not so bad, but the problem is that I could easily procrastinate all day, and then I'd be faced with setting my alarm to wake up at 3 a.m. to finish the grading. Which I have done way, way, too often. Let's try to avoid that, shall we?

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