Dishwasher appears to be…

Dishwasher appears to be broken, sigh. Kevin has attempted a couple of fixes, with no luck. We'll see what the professionals can do. In the meantime, mommy has done all the dishes by hand and has a clean sink, because waking up with dirty dishes in the sink stresses her out. But mommy also slept poorly last night (kept waking up from anxiety dreams about not getting papers graded, sigh), so now the real question is, can she still make it up the stairs? She would really like to fall down, go boom, now.

Gently fall, though, into a bed. Not like before! Not sure mommy actually trusts the stairs, given that earlier today, she was carrying a distressed child down them at his request, and she was wearing slippers, and missed a step, and fell down multiple steps and slammed her tibia HARD into the corner of a step. Managed not to drop or bump the child, though, so hooray for Darwinian parenting instincts. And nothing actually broken. Yay. (Except the dishwasher, unrelatedly.)

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