Cancer log 127: I have…

Cancer log 127: I have almost nothing scheduled today (a phone conference with a student, that's it), and my house is even pretty clean. I feel relatively healthy (a bit of soreness at the incision scars, but no big deal), and I don't quite know what to do with myself. I have a few alliums to plant, and I suppose I could put up the Halloween decor. But that's not going to take all weekend.

I could knit. Or read. Or write. Or knit and read and write. Not all at the same time. Wish I could -- that would be brilliant.

Sorry, I'm blithering, I know. It's just weird -- I've had eight solid months of either dealing with cancer treatment and its side effects, or trying to catch up on urgent household, school, etc. stuff that we'd gotten behind on, due to the cancer treatment (like grocery shopping).

It's just weird to be a) healthy, and b) caught up. I'm sure I'll adapt.

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