Lots of hanging out on…

Lots of hanging out on the porch and garden in the gorgeous sunshine today -- yesterday's blustery grey cold was kind of enjoyable in its own autumnal way, esp. when driving around with the windows down, but I wasn't really ready for it to be cold yet, so was glad that by mid-morning it had warmed up and gotten a little summery again. Another week or two of this, please.

Gardening today: planted snowdrops, scilla, supposedly squirrel-resistant crocuses (although really, my basic strategy with crocuses is to plant enough of them that even if the squirrels and bunnies get some, more come up anyway), two Amethyst Dream centaurea, two Japanese anemone. Deadheaded various plants including veronica, mums (yes, that was sort of fussy, but it was bugging me), and lots of the butterfly bush. Not sure if we'll get another flush of blooms before it gets too cold, but seemed worth a shot.

Now taking Ellie for a walk, having second dinner (recuperating makes me hungry, apparently), and then re-reading Butler's _Dawn_, in preparation for teaching it tomorrow. Oh, and possibly baking shortbread for my students, if I don't get tired; we'll see.

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