Plan for today: Do my…

Plan for today: Do my drawing homework (why yes, Mary Anne is doing her homework at the last minute, setting a bad example for her students, but in my defense, I had surgery last week!), if there's time after, take Ellie for a walk so I get some exercise, go to drawing class from 10 - 12.

Come home, have lunch, call and see if I can find my driver's license (I think they never gave it back to me at the hospital after Anand's quarter adventure), do e-mail for 1-2 hours; need to catch up on some things.

After that, tie up roses blocking the path, hang curtain in basement, then hopefully write for the rest of the afternoon and finish the short story in progress, hopefully by 5. I'm aiming to start writing at least 2 hours daily; preferably at least 4 on non-teaching weekdays; we'll see how it goes. The kids come home at 3:15, but I think I can take a quick break to meet them up at the bus, then set them up with homework (K) and Minecraft (A), and keep working for a few hours. We'll see.

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