Got an critique…

Got an critique questioning motivations of novel protagonist, promptly freaked the hell out, wondered why I thought I could write commercial fiction, wondered why I thought I could write at all, clearly the past twenty-odd years were some kind of bizarre fluke!

Then I had lunch, and thought about protagonist a little more while I ate, and after eating, had at least a coherent response to the crit, which I have now typed up and sent off, and it may or may not work, and there is undoubtedly lots and lots of thinking / writing to be done regardless, but I have pulled out of my downward spiral.

Yay, lunch.

P.S. As a side note, locals, if you ask the nice people at Carnivore to make you a crab cake sandwich instead of their tilapia sandwich, they will happily do so, with lettuce and a big slice of fresh garden tomato and a spicy remoulade. Tilapia is all well and good (my kids love it), but it is not crab.

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