Jed leaves tomorrow, and…

Jed leaves tomorrow, and so I have the urge to get all the errands done today (with him for company). They will certainly not all get done, nor all the household to-do tasks, but here are a few possibilities for the day to come, in rough order of likelihood-of-actually-getting-done:

  • plant gazillion fall-blooming crocuses, because we could use some autumnal cheer
  • move the pansies around a bit, as they're not as appealing clumped up as I had hoped
  • go buy jeans because I have a coupon that expires today and I have no jeans that fit me, which is dire
  • get art supplies so I am not embarrassed again in class on Monday for lack of proper supplies
  • pick up party supplies for Anand's birthday party, which has now morphed from a Minecraft party to a Minecraft / superhero party, due to Anand's expressed desire, which will be less coherent aesthetically, but actually quite a bit easier to source
  • write cards and then mail four packages (one belated wedding present, one stuff-for-the-twins-I-found-in-my-basement, one belated baby present, two books ordered long and long ago)
  • hang fairy lights in the basement
  • stencil lampshades
  • return lighting I won't be using to IKEA (and buy new lampshades if previous ones ruined in stencilling attempt)
It's entirely possible that I will feel exhausted by noon and just go back to bed; surgery-healing tiredness is hard to predict. But right now, I feel relatively fine. Achey on the left side (the breast incision is barely noticeable, but the lymph node one, which has more muscles around it, is somewhat sore), and I have to constantly remind myself not to try to do things with that arm (such as opening my fridge door, which has an annoying tendency to seal shut hard, requiring great force to open it), but as long as I *do* remember to use my right hand (hooray for being right-handed), I'm mostly okay.

So this list is not *entirely* unrealistic. Just mostly. :-)

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