Apparently my fantasies…

Apparently my fantasies of purchasing a tiny cabin in the woods (which is not going to happen this year, certainly, and probably not next year either), along with my feeling really and truly completely put upon after all these months of chemo and now surgery, have translated themselves into a desperate desire for a boiled wool duffle coat with wood toggles, of the sort one might wear while tromping through the woods around one's little cabin in the woods (the cabin that one does not actually own).

The internet has made it possible to fulfill at least the duffle coat desire in a moment of impulse purchasing. Well, an hour of careful and considered browsing followed by a moment of impulse purchasing. I recently talked to two other women finishing up chemo -- one of them was going to Europe for two weeks, and the other was buying herself a new couch (and getting rid of the cancer couch she'd spent the last few months on). In the grand scheme of budgeting such extravagances, a fall coat isn't all that unreasonable.

Until it arrives, perhaps I will go read some Enid Blyton Famous Five or Secret Seven; somehow boiled wool duffle coats inextricably seem to go with picnics on the soggy moors, accompanied by ginger beer and the sundry fleeting joys of childhood.

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