4:30 Awake. Surgery…

4:30 Awake. Surgery went fine, but they sent me home at 2 and I was basically mostly asleep from the anesthesia drugs still so I staggered up to my bed and went right back to sleep. Now awake and contemplating food. Could go back to sleep, though.

5:00 update: I was going to stagger downstairs and eat some curry, but Kevin had picked up sushi for me at the grocery store, so he brought it to me in bed. I mostly ate the fish part -- protein, and am feeling better. Apparently pizza has been ordered for the kids, and it is difficult to resist fresh pizza, so I will shortly go downstairs and have a slice of that. And then I will likely have some rice and curry, because that is what I always really want. And tonight is curriculum night at the kids' school, so if I decide to go to that but it's boring, I may go to the ice cream parlor next door. I'm not actually starving or anything, but given that this is all the first food of the day (no breakfast, no lunch, no beverages due to anesthesia restrictions), I am apparently happy to just keep eating my way, slowly, through the next couple of hours.

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