Jed arrived late last…

Jed arrived late last night, late enough that I was asleep when he got here, so I haven't seen him yet. He's here for a week to help out during surgery; I have a preliminary procedure (which sounds rather horrid, more on that soon) Tuesday evening, and the actual surgery (an all-day outpatient procedure) on Wednesday. I am oddly anxious about the Tuesday thing way more than the Wednesday thing. But regardless, it will be very helpful to have him here to help with driving / kids / food. Yay, poly / good friends. Also yay Jed having a flexible and well-paying job that lets him travel. We're lucky.

I'm not sure when I'll actually see him today -- the kids will be up and off to school soon, and then I'm hoping to write from 7:30 - 10:00 -- but he may sleep through all of that, since he's presumably still on California time, and isn't an early riser to begin with. Then I have my new drawing class (excited) from 10 - 12.

After that, I need to stock up on groceries (because when I expect I'm going to be somewhat out of commission for a bit, I've learned that one thing I do is jam the pantry and fridge and freezer full, because I can't deal with being anxious about Kevin and the kids getting fed properly), and am hoping to also get to the local Indian grocery store in Westmont, as I'm running low on several things from there as well (I go about 3-4 times / year). I think Jed probably need to do his day job work then, or I'd drag him along on the grocery runs. Well, I'll see him at dinner, if not before. It's good that he's here, regardless.

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