Am all prepped to take…

Am all prepped to take Ellie with me to the bus stop and then take her on a walk after the kids head off; I'm trying to institute a new routine of a morning walk after breakfast. Only problem with taking Ellie along is that she v. quickly gets habituated to new happy things; we started doing an evening walk after dinner, and after just two or three instances of it, she was completely anticipating it, and now barks at us furiously until we get off the couch and take her. Which is fine; it's actually good for us. But weekday mornings, I can only do this MWF this semester -- TTh, I need to head directly to campus after the bus stop if I'm going to get to class on time. And Sat / Sun, I sometimes actually sleep in. A bit.

I'm not sure how one explains days of the week to a dog.

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