My basement is finally…

My basement is finally organized, all except for the beer-brewing area, which is Kevin's responsibility. I still have a few things to do -- assemble the IKEA tool chest and put the tools inside, hang a curtain of the right length in front of the beer-brewing area, try hanging the fairy lights and see if they add sufficient light to the hangout space. But other than that, basement done, ready for me to actually start working through some of the backlogged craft / sewing / etc. projects.

I might need to take a break first, though -- I started one of them today, hemming some jeans, and promptly sliced right through the jeans much higher than I intended, ruining them. Argh. I measured once, rather than twice, before cutting. I know better, but I was tired. So finish the re-org, then take a day or two before actually starting on the various projects.

The basement's been a mess for a long, long, long time, and when I am less tired, I will undoubtedly feel a deep sense of accomplishment.

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