Showered and dressed and…

Showered and dressed and kids off to school, tea and breakfast done, paper assignment printed, bag packed, and I think I'm ready to try walking to the train today, instead of driving. Averaging 11,000 steps the last two days, so the train walk there and back home later should be manageable.

I think my bloodwork levels must be basically back up to normal; my head is still showing only the barest bit of stubble, and my hands and feet are still hyper-pigmented (extra-dark), but otherwise, I look / feel pretty healthy and normal. My lower body feels like it's mostly gotten its muscles back; my upper body is still a bit flabby from the two months of lying on the couch, but another week of cooking and cleaning and gardening should help with that. Maybe I'll even lift a few arm weights sometime soon.

Surgery in a week, but until then, trying to enjoy the health.

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