My family has a small…

My family has a small cold, myself included. It seems so minor, compared to all the cancer stuff, and yet, still annoying. My head is fuzzy. I'd planned to write today, but having a hard time concentrating / motivating. I think I'm just going to take it easy the rest of the morning, watch tv and knit a little.

At noon, I'm going to a local garden club meeting, and after that, I'm hoping to get a second wind and manage to write a bit. I'd really like to finish revising Ch. 8 and 9 by the end of the week; then I'll be caught up on revisions, and ready to start generating new prose, which frankly, I enjoy a lot more.

The kids come home at 2:15 (Wed is early dismissal), but they're old enough now (8 and almost 6) that I can actually close myself in my office and keep working for a few more hours while they mostly entertain themselves. It's a radical shift -- it wasn't true even six months ago. I appreciate it *greatly*.

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