High of 76 today — you…

High of 76 today -- you know what that means? Opening up the windows and turning off the AC, finally. Also, autumn may actually be arriving, finally. Now, I would like to put in a request for three solid months of it. You hear me, Chicago? None of this stinting on the best seasons that you like to do, where spring and autumn last maybe a bare month each and then we're back to oppressive temperatures in one direction or another. I want three months of a crisp nip in the air, sleeping with the windows open, cardigans and light jackets and cute brown boots worn over tights and leggings, rather than the heavy monstrosities I stomp around in once the snow arrives. And yes, I know the only reason your housing prices are halfway reasonable for a major city is because people are scared of your winter weather, but tell you what, Chicago -- you give us our proper autumn and we won't tell any outsiders.

Deal? Deal.

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