Too many things I want…

Too many things I want to get done today -- there's something about the end of a long weekend that lends a weird urgency to getting things done. And of course, next week is surgery, so I have this sense that this is the last free and mostly healthy week for a while, which doesn't help.

Straighten up the playroom and the kids' rooms (or rather, supervise them doing it, which takes longer and involves listening to more whining from Anand). Weed another garden bed. Finish revising chapter 8, and ideally 9 too. Sew up the huge tear that some child (possibly ours, possibly visiting) cut into a fitted bedsheet. Answer a hundred or so e-mails. Go for a swim (the first in months and months).

Okay. So far, I've had breakfast, and am drinking tea. Finish tea, make a schedule, stop feeling so panicky. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't all get done today.

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